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The main reason for a Security Deposit is to assure that residents take reasonable care in the occupancy of the rental property.

Reasonable care means the premises should be returned to the owner in about the same condition as it was when originally rented. Normal wear and tear is expected.

Residents are expected to spend some time and effort in cleaning the rented premises prior to vacating.

Our preference is to return your Security Deposit in full, less allowed deductions, rather than have to spend our time and your money to clean it. It is considerably cheaper for a tenant to clean the premises themselves than for us to do it.  Some Landlords charge a cleaning fee regardless of the condition of the apartment/house. We have chosen not to do so. This gives the tenant(s) an opportunity to save money by thoroughly cleaning the premises themselves.  If, however, we need to clean the premises, an appropriate deduction from the Security Deposit will be made and the remainder, if any, refunded.

In some situations, a Security Deposit cannot be returned in the 30 day period required by law due to extraordinary circumstances. Examples include but are not limited to flea and pest infestation, certain repairs which require more than 30 days to remedy, etc. You will be notified in writing in the event such a situation exists.    

Do not attempt to perform repairs yourself or repaint the walls or woodwork. More often than not, attempted tenant repairs and repainting cause more problems than existed in the first place and reduce the Security Deposit refund due to the time needed to undo the attempted repairs and remedy the situation correctly.

and lastly....By way of reminder, the Lease and Missouri Tenant Law does not allow a tenant to deduct the last month's rent from the Security Deposit.

If you have any questions regarding the refund policy, please call us at 417-832-0659. We will be glad to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Walls & Woodwork




Windows and sliding glass doors

Trash and Debris

In conclusion…

Normal wear and tear is expected and allowed. Please tell us if something is broken and/or inoperable before you move out.

On a perfect move-out, we generally do not have to do much to make the unit ready for the next renter.

If we have to make repairs and/or do extensive cleaning/painting, we will deduct these expenses from the deposit.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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