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Robberson Apartments

Interior Photos

Graham Properties

1246 E Catalpa St

Springfield, MO 65804

Phone: (417) 832-0659 | Fax: (417) 832-0716

info@GrahamProp.com | http://www.GrahamProp.com

Living Area view of private balcony/patio.

Living Area view of front entrance and coat closet.

Typical Robberson Apartment kitchen setup. All of our properties include refrigerator, range, built-in microwave oven, and a cork bulletin board for coupons, shopping lists, bill reminders, etc.

All Robberson Apartments have a well-lit kitchen with an under-the-counter dishwasher, stainless steel sink, and garbage disposal.

View of Dining Room from Living Area.

Master Bedroom Photos; At left is the master bedroom walk-in closet. Above, view of the Master Bedroom. To the right, a view of the master bath.